Dear business owner,

This formulary has been created in order to facilitate the recollection of information that will enable us to generate the diagnostic analysis and profile of your company. Through this, you company will have a better understanding of its current structural situation, and of what are the best alternatives to continue growing and consolidating itself as a market leader.

Once again, we want to thank your trust in us and reiterate our commitment with the protection of your information. For this, we have established a protocol through which every single member of the platform must be verified and pre-approved by the Qualtrium team. Furthermore, Qualtrium will always demand the signing of a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by the funds and capital providers that will have access to your company profile.

We look forward to working with you and helping support the growth of your firm.


Alejandro Orvañanos
Sebastián VelásquezFounders of Qualtrium

Note: In case you have any question or comment, please contact us. We ask you to provide as much detailed information as possible, but also understand that due to the nature of the information it might be difficult to compile. For this reason, we make ourselves available for any clarification required.